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Our founders are passionate about making financial literacy universally accessible and actionable.  We have backgrounds in product management at Google, software engineering, education, finance, and are MBA alums of U.C. Berkeley Haas.  We're located in Silicon Valley, where the founders grew up.  Like many others, we had come across financial advice haphazardly through articles and video clips, usually while searching for something else.  Only during business school did our financial knowledge crystallize.  Our research showed most of the world was like us: having a financial literacy deficiency but needing to make financial decisions everyday.  We wanted to create free, easy to use education for anyone looking to increase their financial literacy.  We created CapitalDNA.


We use an activities based approach to deliver our education.  Long walls of text or rote memory isn't conducive to understanding or even finishing the material.  We’ve broken up our lessons into short question and answer activities where you can start and stop easily.  Of course, long multi-day pauses between activities are not ideal, but you can always go back and start from where you feel comfortable. CapitalDNA is also very structured, so your journey is guided and each lesson builds upon the other.  All this helps you understand, finish, and retain your financial literacy education.

Capital DNA delivers our education based on research and data.   When there are multiple viewpoints without a definitive consensus, we present as much as we can without putting the learner into a maze of decision confusion.

Start your financial literacy journey now by trying Capital DNA on iOS or Android!

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